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Management Advancement for the Public Service

The Ohio Association of Election Officials is partnering with the John Glenn College of Public Affairs to provide high-quality professional training in program management, diversity equity and inclusion, personal development, and more. The program provides one-day, on-line, facilitator-led, skill-based training for OAEO member employees at all career levels – anyone can register.

To see course details and to register  click HERE.

To receive the OAEO member price of $225 per course (20% savings) email the name of the course or courses you plan to take to info@oaeo.us and we’ll give you a discount code.

ATTENTION: These courses do not count as REO credit.

Item of Interest

House Bill 687

To amend sections 3501.05, 3501.10, 3501.11, 3501.22, 3501.29, 3503.09, 3503.10, 3503.14, 3503.16, 3503.19, 3503.20, 3503.21, 3503.28, 3505.18, 3505.181, 3505.182, 3505.183, 3509.02, 3509.05, 3509.051, 3509.06, 3509.07, 3509.09, 3511.09, 3511.11, and 3599.11; to enact...

House Bill 680

G.A. consent-alternative election process during health emergency.

@ the Statehouse

Voting legislation currently being considered by the Ohio General Assembly.

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