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The OAEO is fortunate to have dozens of members willing to serve as trustees and on special committees.

Hover over a county to see contact for members in that area. OAEO Trustees and members of the Legislative Committee are included.

There are also searchable lists of these individuals at the bottoms of this page.

If you have any questions or are interested in serving an OAEO committee send an email to info@oaeo.us detailing your comment or request.


Meeting Minutes

Legislative Committee

DemocratShane BreckelClinton Co.
DemocratLuke BurtonLicking Co.
DemocratEric CorbinButler Co.
DemocratJudith CraigFayette Co.
DemocratDiana DulebohnAuglaize Co.
DemocratGail GarbrantTuscararus Co.
DemocratMarlee GibsonMuskingum Co.
DemocratBethe A GoldenfieldWarren Co.
DemocratJoyce Kale-PestaMahoning Co.
DemocratBen KlineHuron Co.
DemocratDee Keister-SmithPerry Co.
DemocratMollie LandefeldMonroe Co.
DemocratAlex LinserHamilton Co.
DemocratRoss McDonaldLake Co.
DemocratCarol PerryAthens Co.
DemocratBill RichSummit Co.
DemocratBrett RiffleFairfield Co.
DemocratLaVera Scott,Co-ChairLucas Co.
DemocratBrian SleethWarren Co.
DemocratDeb Sneddon,SecretaryMercer Co.
RepublicanAlisha BeelerGreene Co.
RepublicanCecilia BlevinsHuron Co.
RepublicanChris BurnettGalia Co.
RepublicanTerry Burton, Co-ChairWood Co.
RepublicanBill FreytagRichland County
RepublicanJane HanleyFairfield Co.
RepublicanCharlie HardmanWayne Co.
RepublicanKarla HerronDelaware Co.
RepublicanRon KnightTrumbull Co.
RepublicanDavid KoehlSeneca County
RepublicanNicole MickleyCarroll Co.
RepublicanBryce MinerColumbiana Co.
RepublicanAJ NowaczykWilliams Co.
RepublicanCarla PattonFranklin Co.
RepublicanStephanie PenroseTrumbull Co.
RepublicanJeff RezabekMontgomery Co.
RepublicanKirsten RossCoshocton Co.
RepublicanJamie SniderPerry Co.
RepublicanJeff MathewsStark County
RepublicanTonya WichmanDefiance Co.


DemocratVacant(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
DemocratPhil LongMercerBoard Member(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
DemocratLynn MintchellChampaignBoard Member(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
DemocratTony PerlattiCuyahogaDirector(2024)
DemocratLavera ScottLucasDirector(2024)
DemocratFrank DicarlantonioJeffersonBoard Member(2024)‘Re-Appt 2022’
DemocratBill RichSummitBoard Member(2024)
DemocratMichelle WilcoxAuglaizeDirector(2025)
DemocratSarah GreathouseMontgomeryDeputy Director(2025)
DemocratJoseph MalloryHamiltonBoard Member(2024)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanBrian MeadLickingDeputy Director(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanSherry PolandHamiltonDirector(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanJulie Leathers StahlWayneDirector(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanEd RyderGeaugaBoard Member(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanRanae LentzLoganBoard Member(2024)
RepublicanFaith LyonsPortageDirector(2024)
RepublicanDavid KarmolLucasBoard Member(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanSteve CucklerDelawareBoard Member(2025)‘Re-Appt 2022’
RepublicanTerry BurtonWoodDeputy Director(2025)