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Jefferson County Board of Elections
500 Market Street – Steubenville, OH 43952

POSTED: December 4, 2023

The Jefferson County Board of Elections is currently accepting applications for the position of Deputy Director. The candidate must be a member of the Republican Party to fulfill the requirement that this individual be of the opposite Political Party than the current Director and a qualified elector of Jefferson County within 30 days of employment at the agency.

The Deputy Director, in conjunction with the Director and the Board Members, will oversee all operations of the Jefferson County Board of Elections.

In conjunction with the Director, all office operation functions fall under the Deputy Director’s responsibility. The following are the standard operations of the office, but some jobs and duties are assigned to staff members who directly report to the Director and/or Deputy Director:

– Prepare and conduct all Primary, General, and Special Elections held in Jefferson County in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations, primarily under the guidance and direction of the Ohio Secretary of State. This shall include preparation for petition distribution and intake, preparation of ballot language for local questions and issues, preparation of ballot order and allocation of voting equipment, ballot layout and election machine programming, logic and accuracy testing of all scanners, certifying candidates and issues to overlapping counties, preparing/ posting/ distributing required notices, and preparation/conducting recounts.

– Process, evaluate, and report election results in various manners and formats.
– Create registered voter file for jury selection.
– Recruit and train precinct election officials, seasonal workers, and delivery workers/ rovers.
– Supervise the processing of voter records including registrations, cancellations, and updates.
– Keep a full and true record of the proceedings of the Board and all monies received and expended by the agency in conjunction with the Jefferson County Auditor’s Office.
– File and preserve in the Board Office all orders, records, and reports pertaining to the administration of voter registrations and elections.
– Prepare minutes of Board meetings and filing them within the office and with external agencies.
– Audit campaign finance reports.
– Calculate charge backs to political subdivisions for the operations of elections in their locality.
– Assist local liquor option petitioners and file all necessary paperwork with various agencies regarding the results of local liquor options.
– Receive and have custody of all books, papers, and property belonging to the Board.
– Perform such other duties in connection with the office of Director and Deputy Director and properly conduct of elections as the Secretary of State and Board determine.
– Review all Directives, Advisories, Memoranda, Correspondence, and Materials issued by the Ohio Secretary of State and take action as required by those communications.
– Assist the Board in drafting and implementing personnel policies and procedures on a revolving basis as operations and directives are issued or changed.
– Supervise and instruct Board of Elections employees, assign work, coordinate activities, make recommendations concerning hiring, responsibilities, compensation, discipline, and discharge of the Board of Elections employees to the Board.
– Develop a proposed annual budget to be submitted to the County Commissioners upon approval of the Board and monitor the Board’s budget and payroll relative to current year appropriations.
– Set and provide all appropriate notices for Board Meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.
– Prepare responses to public records requests.
– Maintain and submit an annual report of consumable inventory.
– Direct public relations for the office including responses to media inquiries, proactively issuing press releases to media, being available and willing to conduct various types of interviews with media, speaking to local organizations, and being able to make presentations to various interest groups.

The Ohio Secretary of State has set forth minimum requirements that a Deputy Director of a County Board of Elections must possess. These may be found by reading the Election Official’s Manual, Chapter 2 (Election Administration), Section 1.02, Director & Deputy Director. This can be found at https://www.ohiosos.gov/globalassets/elections/directives/2019/eom_12-2019/eom_ch2_2019-12-18.pdf.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter by December 31st, 2023 to:

Frankie DiCarlantonio, Board Member at fdicarlantonio@jefferson.boe.ohio.gov. We respectfully ask that there are no drop-ins or calls regarding this position.

The candidate must be able to pass a background check to begin employment.

Salary will be negotiated based on experience. The Deputy Director shall receive all benefits afforded to full-time employees as prescribed by the Jefferson County Government.

The Jefferson County Board of Elections is an equal opportunity employer.