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Pursuant to the Directive of the Secretary of State of Ohio and all applicable statutes, notice is given that the Defiance County Board of Elections is currently accepting resumes for the position of Democratic Deputy Director. Must obtain Defiance County residency within 30 days of appointment. Minimum qualifications include:

Education: A candidate for Deputy Director must possess at least a high school diploma or the attainment of the equivalency of a high school diploma (GED). College level education is desired, but specialized training and/or certification in the various aspects of election administration is most favored in evaluating the education background of applicants.

Election related experience and skills: Operating voting machines used in the county and other automated office equipment; comprehension of successful and efficient database management, including cooperating with Ohio Secretary of State on the statewide registered voter database; using, interpreting and applying election law terminology and language; assisting any person, without regard to political affiliation, who asks the board office for information which is within the scope of the board’s jurisdiction, including public records requests; receiving and implementing assignments and instructions from board members and Secretary of State’s office; performing all other duties as assigned, delegated or required of the Deputy Director including those prescribed by law, rule or directive; travel as needed, attend trainings including out of county as approved by board or required by the Secretary of State.

General managerial experience and skills: possession of effective written and interpersonal communication abilities; strong organizational skills and attention to detail; familiarity with human resources policies and practices, including familiarity with equal opportunity employment practices; familiarity with handling budgets and public appropriation of funds; assignments or direction to board personnel; ability to be adaptable and to perform in stressful or emergency situations; ability to comprehend a variety of informational documents; ability to conduct self at all times in a professional and courteous manner.

Candidate must possess a valid State of Ohio Motor Vehicle Driver’s License; have an acceptable driving record and political affiliation with the Democratic Party. All applicants are subject to a criminal background check. Testing of computer skills may be required as part of the application process as well as requests for letters of recommendation. Deadline for application is: Monday, June 14, 2021 by 4:00 pm. Resumes should be submitted to:

Defiance County Board of Elections

1300 E. 2nd St. Ste. 103
Defiance, OH 43512-2483

Or email: Defiance@ohiosos.gov

The Defiance County Board of Elections is an equal opportunity employer.