The Kerala Association of Ohio (KAOH) is a non-profit cultural organization that brings together the Malayalee community of north eastern Ohio. The association operates in the Greater Cleveland area, which boasts a strong legacy in manufacturing & healthcare and is known for its cultural diversity.


KAOH’s mission is to be a regional organization for the Malayalee community to meet, socialize and develop partnerships with other similar organizations in pursuit of community cohesion and social inclusion. Towards this goal, the organization arranges cultural gatherings that are open to all. Welcome to the official website of KAOH (Kerala Association of Ohio). One of the major contributions of the association has been to create awareness in those who are unfamiliar with the richness of language, literature, art, music, dance and culture of Kerala.




Kerala Association of Ohio has been in existence since 2000.

Undoubtedly, an Association can become successful only if it can ensure a steady membership with a sense of purpose and direction. We have come together without consideration of caste, community and religion.

Through our activities we have maintained our traditional ties and has deepened our cultural and social customs. One of the major contributions of the Association has been to create awareness in those who are unfamiliar with the richness of language, literature, art, music, dance and culture of Kerala.

We must move many steps ahead. For this we need more members. Our existence and success depend on our getting new members. We appeal to anyone interested in the culture of Kerala & its people. We encourage all Malayalees to enroll themselves as members of the Association and integrate into the building of a movement to preserve Kerala cultural identity in its totality. Membership fees are very reasonable and provide free access to all KAOH programs.

Annual Membership to the events (2017-18)

  • Family Membership: $85.00
  • Single (Non-student) : $45.00
  • Single (Student) : $25.00

Event Admission  (2017-18)

  • Family Admission: $40.00 (2 Adults & Kid) per event
  • Guest(Member’s Immediate Relative) : $10.00 per event
  • Guest ( Non Relative) : $25.00 per event

(All the above yearly membership includes FREE admission and food to all the regular events organized by KAO; There will be at least 4 regular events every year; A membership needs to be renewed/purchased at the first event you attend after the summer picnic. PLEASE BRING CASH/CHECK ONLY)

Please make your check payable to Kerala Association of Ohio Mailing address:

Kerala Association of Ohio
Attn: Ashly Mathew
38444 Foxglen Ave
Avon, OH 44011
email: treasurer@kaoh.org

* The membership is valid for a maximum of one year only, please renew it every year!


President: Jayakumar Narayanan
Vice President:  Tina Jacob
Secretary: Ashly Mathew
Joint Secretary: Vishnupriya V
Treasurer: Pratheesh Kumar
Auditor: Denzil D’cruz



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